Our core values are Quality Service, Provider Satisfaction, Rapid Response.

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We are in healthcare business to give succour to the sick and sustain the best practices in medicine..
Our client is the centerpiece of our operation and we spare no effort to provide effective and efficient healthcare services that is affordable and accessible nationwide, using the best available people and technology..

Special Services

Marina Medical Services (HMO) Limited is committed to provide only the best managed health care programs and facilities to its growing clientele and has the flexibility of tailor-fitting its products and services to meet specific client needs and requirements.
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Our Services

Seek to assist you to implement NHIS act,

Help to provide superior healthcare services that is accessible at all time.

Our hospital also offers  additional service which are excluded and are arranged based on special request outside the HMO plans.

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 The quickest way to register as a client with MMSL is by registering online. You will need to:
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